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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico....Family days filled with love.

It has been quite sometime since I have added to this blog.  Life hit me hard and I am just now starting to see that it was all for the best.  Though it isn't easy when your life and your love is turned upside down.  You must go on.

In June my brother, sister-in-law, Wendy, and I went to visit my Uncle Berry and Aunt Evelyn. My aunt is not well and we wanted to see her and my uncle.  It turned out to be quite a lovely trip and it was so nice to feel real love again. Your family is so important. It must be horrible to not have family.  I just can not imagine how that would be

This is the door to my Aunt and Uncle's most beautiful house.  It opens the heart to love.  Love lives in this southwestern home.
I just love this door.  My aunt styled the door itself after an antique door of a house that they built in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I must say it looked just like it.  She just has a way with decorating.

I love this niche.  It adds a bit of whimsy to the house. 
It is just too cute!
The living area is so comfortable. 

I love the windows and the beams in the ceiling.  What is not to love about this house.  There are well placed sky lights through out the house.
This is the view of the dining area.  I know you can't see the beautiful furniture.  It is old and so appropriate for this house.  I know my Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Berry enjoyed decorating this house.  Memories are so sweet!
This view is amazing! This is the Sandia Mountains in the back ground. It is very peaceful not to mention beautiful!
Southwestern landscape is so pretty.  No grass to water here!  The color is amazing.
This is outside of the court yard.
The court yard door from the inside.

This is the front of part of the house.  I wish I had taken more pictures.  Yes that will be another excuse to go visit again.  It is always special to see Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Berry.  Love to hear my aunt laugh!

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